David Off Champion Energy


This luxury perfume combines a warm composition of spicy and woody accords with a dash of citrus to stir within you the desire for victory.Bursting with freshness, the top note is made of tart and refreshing grapefruit along with sweet and citrusy bergamot. This is followed by a heavier scent profile of aromatic spices along with green and woody notes of galbanum. Finally, the base note gives you deep and heady combination of spicy cedarwood and earthy hints of oakmoss. The warm and spicy ingredients give a musky overtone to this fragrance that has an intense yet pleasing tone. In the shape of a dumbbell, the bottle resonates the characteristic strength of the fearless and never-say-die attitude of the man who wears this fragrance. The frosted glass cylindrical flacon in spotless white with a dash of bright red along with engraved silver tail and head weights, shows off a vibrant energy. Unabashedly masculine and powerful, Davidoff Champion Energy ignites the fire within you to soar greater heights and embrace the true champion.

Fragrance Classification: Eau de Toilette
Fragrance Family: Oriental
Fragrance Segment: Luxury
Quantity: 90 ml
Ideal For: Men

Certification: 100% Authentic