Pure XS


If there is one brand in the world that can truly pride itself in being audacious and avant-garde, it is certainly Paco Rabanne. From fashion cut out of metal to perfumes that break all the established codes, Paco Rabanne has always innovated, creating novelty to provoke the strongest of emotions. Striking, daring, light-hearted and provocative, Paco Rabanne’s fragrances have an exceptional power to leave a strong impression on everyone’s memories and become cultural benchmarks.
A contemporary design that gives rise to the idea of a lighter, Pure XS opens up, one handed with a black lacquered cap. The bottle is a weighty glass with polished edges: instinctive and substantial. Packaged in black velvet, all is luxuriously sensual. Electric blue and gold, the shock of sensory contradictions.
Top Notes: Explosive freshness: Ginger, vegetal sap, white thyme
Heart Notes: Burning Sensuality: Cinnamon, vanilla pod, myrrh
Fragrance Family: Oriental

Fragrance Segment: Strong And Fresh
Product Name: Pure XS
Quantity: 100ml
Ideal For: Men
Certification: 100% Authentic
Frangrance Classification: Eau De Toilette